It can be a very bumpy road from grape to glass!

And no one knows that better than the three northern Michigan winemaking families featured in the all new reality series WINE WARRIORS, currently in production.

The breath taking beauty of Old Mission and Leelanau peninsula is the backdrop as the wineries battle the weather, pests, technology and sometimes even themselves, all with millions of dollars on the line.

Stay tuned for more information about WINE WARRIORS. In the meantime, check out all the cool Official WINE WARRIORS merchandise.


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Meet the Cast

mawby poseLarry Mawby

Proprietor/Winemaker, L. Mawby Vineyard, Leelanau Peninsula

Larry Mawby has been producing world class Sparkling Wine on Michigan’s Leelanau Peninsula since the mid-seventies.

He was recently named one of the “20 Most Admired People in the North American Wine Industry” by Vineyard and Winery Management magazine.

Larry provides observations throughout the show called “Mawby Moments” some are full of wisdom some are wacky and all are when you least expect them.


Chateau Chantal: Old Mission Peninsula


Bill Autenreith 2Bill Autenreith

Tasting Room Manager

When Bill is in the tasting room everyone knows it…loud, funny, charming and explosive.

Bill is in the middle of everything and not shy about expressing his opinion to co-workers, management and guests. When a problem pops up, Bill either caused it or is the first to know about it and will promptly handle it in his own zany way.


Mark Johnson 3

Mark Johnson

Vice President – Winemaker

Mark knows how to make good wine and has been doing so for decades. Don’t mess with Mark and his technique. Whether dealing with his “cellar rats” downstairs or upstairs with management, his wit and often blunt cutting remarks, lets everyone know just exactly where they stand with him given any situation.


Brian Lillie 2Brian Lillie

Hospitality Manager

Brash and flowing with exuberance, Brian’s dry humor is often projected at his co-workers. According to Brian, the B&B is the heart and soul of the property. He is a whirlwind each day as he manages the B&B, catering and guest services, blasting through each fire that erupts and arranging all events while keeping the guests happy and pushing his staff to the brink.


Marie-Chantal Dalese 1Marie-Chantal Dalese

Director of Marketing

A new mother and the driving force behind Chateau Chantal. Marie is everywhere and into everything. Nothing gets by her. Her outward easy going personality masks a tough as nails business force which has helped move the winery to one of the most successful in the region. She moves mountains to get her product to her customers and nothing will stop her.


Bob and Nadine 1Bob and Nadine Begin

Founders – Chateau Chantal

A former Catholic Priest and former Catholic nun choose a new path and marry, eventually pursuing their dream to open a winery. Decades later they are still at it. Soft spoken, friendly and welcoming they now have relinquished day to day operations but still keep a watchful eye on the business. And when they do offer a suggestion everyone knows it’s in their best interest to listen.


Good Harbor Vineyards: Leelanau Peninsula


Taylor Simpson 2Taylor Simpson

Director of Marketing and Sales

Driven and relentless when it comes to getting her wine on the shelves of retailers, she’s still often found in the fields and the cellar in hot debate with her brother Sam on just how to best cultivate and bottle their product. She takes pride in making her brother work very hard to keep up with her sales. Taylor is convinced that Sam will never make more wine than she can sell.


Sam Simpson 1Sam Simpson

Winemaker – Vineyard Operations Manager

Sam is the head winemaker at Good Harbor. He knows he has some pretty big shoes to fill by assuming the role his late father held for nearly three decades. And he’s determined to make his dad proud. Sam carries on the same traditions of his father but he also has a few tricks up his sleeve of his own.


Debbie SimpsonDebbie Simpson


Debbie unexpectedly found herself at the helm of Good Harbor when her husband Bruce passed away in 2009. But with the help of Sam and Taylor, she runs a tight ship overseeing the 65 + acre vineyard. She’s calm, collected and often quiet, but make no mistake, the final decision always belongs to her.



Chateau de Leelanau: Leelanau Peninsula


Matt Gregory 1Matt Gregory

Winemaker – Managing Partner

Roaring with a can do spirit, Matt nearly runs his operation as a one-man-band. He’s a cowboy always on the move, whether in the fields, the cellar, the bottling line, the tasting room or the counting room…he’s half crazed trying to be everywhere at once. He gets the job done through sheer determination yet somehow manages to squeeze in some pretty insane partying along the way.

Video Vignettes

No Corkscrew?

What Did He Say?

That Can Get Messy!



Mark Johnson

The Wine

We are excited to be launching our own Wine Warrior signature wine! The featured vineyards of Wine Warriors have created their own unique blends and will soon have it available for the public on their websites and in their tasting rooms.









Not only are we in production on Wine Warriors programming, but we are also scheduling Wine Warrior events. We’ve got a lot planned for 2014, and we want to see you there!

May 10, 2014
Michigan Wine and Beer Fest at Michigan International
12626 US Hwy 12 Brooklyn, MI 49230

Visit the Wine Warriors booth at MIS
12pm – 9pm


May 24th, 2014
Wine Warriors Party at E. G. Nicks
Plymouth 500 Forest Ave. Plymouth, MI. 48170
The party starts at 6pm

Meet the Wine Warriors and enjoy an evening of great wine, good food and fantastic entertainment at E.G. Nicks, in Plymouth.
Good Harbor, L. Mawby, Chateau de Leelanau and Chateau Chantal will all be there pouring their exclusive Wine Warrior wines.
Music provided by the band Haskins.

$10.00 admission fee at the door gets you your own official Wine Warriors wine glass, 4 free wine tastings and a guaranteed good time!


June 12, 2014
The Village at Grand Traverse Commons

More information to come.